Rocalba : Hobby Catalogue

51 Tapes and Discs TAPES and DISCS Tapes Discs With a new range of horticultural and aromatic plants pre-sown between two layers of biodegradable paper, Rocalba proposes a new, quick and easy way of sowing. The seeds are spaced and fixed, so that the sowing operation is very easy and almost instantaneous, with no need for subsequent thinning, and the final density is achieved in a single operation. It is only necessary toplace, coverwithsoil andwater. There are two different formats: - On tape (5 m) for direct seeding in the soil. - In discs (10 cm ø) for pot planting. Placing and covering with soil Watering Ready! VIDEO TUTORIAL: We show you how to cultivate: 1 2 3 VEGETABLES